Kabar Terbaru- The Procedur For The Design Drawing Gillnet

The procedure for the design drawing gillnet fishing gear or gill nets :


1. Draw the form of a rectangle with a length is the length of gillnet provisions attached / ris top rope length / length of the buoy rope. And height / width is mounted high × E = height stretched upright

2. Scale 1: 100, meaning that is when the real size of its units are meters, then dlm picture settings to centimeters.

3. The unit of length using meters.

4. Unit using milli-meter diameter.

5. Unit mesh size is milli meters.

6. Unit using the centimeter range.

7. Unit weight using gram.

8. The part that needs to be included dlm image is:

a. Ris top and bottom (length, diameter and material)

b. Buoy rope and rope ballast (material, length and diameter)

c. Nets (material, mesh size, number of vertical and horizontal eye)

d. Buoy (quantity and material)

e. Ballast (number and material)

f. Hanging ratio up and down.

g. The size and the ship’s main engine power

h. target capture

i. Fishing base.

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